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10 Best Cocktail Bars in Seattle

If you're looking to elevate your cocktail experience in Seattle, exploring the city's top cocktail bars is a must. From the elegant ambiance of The Nest to the vast spirits selection at Canon, each bar on this list offers a unique and sophisticated drinking experience. Whether you're in the mood for a tropical escape at Navy Strength or seeking the allure of a speakeasy at Bathtub Gin & Co, Seattle's cocktail scene has something for every palate. But what truly sets these bars apart? Keep reading to uncover the secrets behind Seattle's 10 best cocktail destinations.

Key Takeaways

  • The Nest: Stunning city views, diverse cocktail menu, exceptional service at Thompson Hotel.
  • Canon: Extensive spirits selection, innovative mixology, cozy ambiance in Capitol Hill.
  • Rob Roy: Chic and sophisticated bar, well-crafted drinks, trendy atmosphere in Belltown.
  • Radiator Whiskey: Rustic setting, 100+ whiskeys, warm ambiance, must-try Radiator Old Fashioned.
  • Rumba: Caribbean vibes, rum-centric cocktails, events for enthusiasts, must-visit for rum lovers.

The Nest

For a top-notch cocktail experience in Seattle, check out The Nest at the Thompson Hotel. Situated on the hotel's rooftop, this bar offers fantastic city skyline and Elliott Bay views. The stylish décor, including fire pits, sets the scene for a fun night out with pals or a cozy date.

Upon arrival, you'll find a welcoming space with trendy furniture and green plants. The staff is on hand to mix up a variety of cocktails from their menu, catering to all tastes. Whether you fancy a classic gin and tonic or a unique special, The Nest has you covered.

Enjoy your drink while taking in the stunning sights of Seattle's famous landmarks and waterfront. The Nest promises a luxurious and memorable evening with great service.


Located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, Canon is a top-notch cocktail bar known for its vast selection and innovative mixology. When you walk in, you'll find a cozy yet classy vibe that sets the stage for a great drinking experience. With over 3,500 different spirits on display, Canon is a paradise for cocktail lovers.

The bartenders at Canon are skilled at creating unique and tasty drinks that go beyond the usual. Whether you're craving a classic cocktail or want to try something new, Canon has something for everyone. Feel free to ask for suggestions – the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to help you pick the perfect drink for your taste.

Rob Roy

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Located in Belltown, Seattle, Rob Roy is a chic cocktail bar known for its sophisticated vibe. When you walk in, you'll find a trendy yet cozy atmosphere that's perfect for savoring top-notch cocktails. The soft lighting sets the right mood for enjoying well-crafted drinks that will satisfy your taste buds.

The talented bartenders at Rob Roy are experts at their craft, carefully making each drink with skill and style. Whether you like a traditional old-fashioned or something more unique, they've a drink for everyone. Their menu features a great variety of spirits, bitters, and fresh ingredients blended together perfectly in every cocktail.

The bar itself is impressive, with its modern design and upscale feel. You can relax in the comfortable seating, sip your drink, and feel like you've found a hidden gem in Seattle. Rob Roy isn't just a bar – it's an experience that will make your evening special.

Radiator Whiskey

When you walk into Radiator Whiskey in Seattle, you'll find a cozy and rustic setting perfect for enjoying a wide variety of whiskeys. With over 100 types to choose from, including bourbons and scotches, there's something for every whiskey fan.

The bar has a warm and dimly lit ambiance, with the smell of oak barrels adding to the experience. The friendly bartenders are ready to chat and help you pick the right whiskey cocktail for your taste. Whether you're a whiskey expert or a newbie, Radiator Whiskey welcomes you with open arms.

Their 'Radiator Old Fashioned' is a must-try, made with a special twist that will tantalize your taste buds. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the flavors of Radiator Whiskey for a memorable whiskey experience right in the heart of Seattle.


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Looking for a tropical escape in Seattle? Consider Rumba, a lively spot known for its rum-based cocktails. Here's why you should check it out:

  1. Caribbean Vibes: Step into Rumba and instantly feel like you're in the Caribbean. The place is decked out in colorful decor, with upbeat music and a friendly team eager to help you navigate their wide range of rums.
  2. Crafted Cocktails: Treat yourself to well-made cocktails that highlight the versatility of rum. From classic mojitos to unique blends, Rumba's drinks are sure to surprise and satisfy your taste buds.
  3. Events and Classes: Keep an eye out for tasting events and cocktail classes. These gatherings are perfect for expanding your rum knowledge while mingling with fellow enthusiasts in a laid-back setting.

Rumba is a haven for rum lovers and cocktail aficionados. Every sip here tells a story, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a flavorful experience.

No Anchor

Explore a modern drinking experience at No Anchor in Belltown. This hotspot offers a range of innovative cocktails and a well-curated beer selection. The chic ambiance sets the stage for a night of indulgence. Upon arrival, a welcoming bartender is ready to craft a drink tailored to your preferences.

No Anchor takes pride in its creative mixology, serving visually appealing and delicious drinks. Their menu features classics with a twist and unique concoctions you won't find elsewhere. Feel free to ask for suggestions – the staff is enthusiastic about their creations and eager to share their expertise.

Not to be overlooked is the impressive beer selection at No Anchor, which includes a variety of local and international brews. Whether you're craving a creative cocktail or a cold pint, No Anchor has something for everyone. Here's to an evening filled with memorable drinks!

Foreign National

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Experience a mix of global flavors and craft cocktails at Foreign National, a top bar in Seattle. Here's what makes it stand out:

  1. Innovative Cocktails: Foreign National serves up a range of creative cocktails that go beyond the usual. From spicy blends to floral-infused mixes, each drink is a work of art in a glass.
  2. Stylish Setting: The bar's ambiance is chic and inviting, with cozy lighting and comfortable seating that sets the scene for a great night out. The décor blends modern and vintage touches for a sophisticated feel.
  3. Expert Bartenders: The staff at Foreign National are more than just bartenders—they're passionate about their craft. Feel free to ask for suggestions or learn about the story behind your drink. They love sharing their knowledge with guests.

Navy Strength

When you step into Navy Strength in Belltown, Seattle, get ready for a unique cocktail experience. This bar has a lively vibe with a tropical feel, thanks to its nautical theme with navy blue accents and maritime decorations.

Navy Strength is all about creative cocktails that pack a punch. They've a menu full of drinks that range from classic twists to exotic blends. The bartenders are friendly and love to suggest drinks based on your preferences.

Whether you're into gin or rum, Navy Strength has a drink for you. Take a seat, relax, and enjoy a journey through their flavorful and adventurous cocktail menu.

Bathtub Gin & Co

prohibition era speakeasy in seattle

When you step into Bathtub Gin & Co in Seattle, get ready for a speakeasy vibe that takes you back to the Prohibition days. The place is dimly lit, with cozy corners and vintage decorations that make for an exciting cocktail experience.

Here's why you should check out Bathtub Gin & Co in Seattle:

  1. Craft Cocktails: Skilled mixologists whip up tasty and unique cocktails that cater to all tastes. Whether you like classic drinks or prefer something new, there's a mix for everyone.
  2. Wide Selection of Spirits: The bar offers a diverse range of spirits, including rare picks and local favorites. Whether you're into whiskey or gin, you'll find something that catches your eye.
  3. Helpful Staff: The staff at Bathtub Gin & Co are friendly and know their stuff when it comes to cocktails. They're happy to help you choose a drink that suits your preferences and share cool facts about cocktail history.

Prepare to enjoy well-crafted drinks in a unique setting at Bathtub Gin & Co!

Knee High Stocking Co

Discover the vintage charm and amazing cocktails at Knee High Stocking Co in Seattle. This cozy speakeasy takes you back to the prohibition era with its dim lighting and retro decor. The talented bartenders create delicious drinks that will excite your taste buds.

Knee High Stocking Co offers a wide range of cocktails, from classics to unique blends. Whether you prefer a refreshing mojito or a rich whiskey sour, there's something for everyone. Need help choosing? The staff is friendly and ready to suggest the perfect drink for you.

Step into Knee High Stocking Co for a taste of the past and a sip of something special.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the History Behind Seattles Cocktail Culture?

Seattle's cocktail culture has a rich history, evolving from prohibition speakeasies to modern craft cocktail bars. Embracing creativity and local ingredients, mixologists continue to push boundaries, making Seattle a hub for innovative libations.

Are There Any Secret Menu Items at These Cocktail Bars?

Sure, some cocktail bars in Seattle may offer secret menu items. You can always ask the bartender for any hidden gems. It adds a fun element to your evening and lets you discover unique flavors.

Do Any of These Bars Offer Cocktail-Making Classes?

Ever wanted to shake, stir, and sip like a pro? You're in luck! Some cocktail bars in Seattle offer cocktail-making classes. Get hands-on experience, learn new tricks, and impress your friends with your mixology skills!

Are There Any Unique Signature Cocktails at These Bars?

If you're looking for unique signature cocktails, these bars have you covered! Each spot offers its own creative concoctions that are sure to impress your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

Can Visitors Make Reservations for Private Events or Parties at These Bars?

When planning a special event, consider calling ahead to inquire about reserving space for private parties at these bars. It's always a good idea to secure your spot in advance for a memorable celebration.

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