GPT 3.5 (SERP)

The average cost for each article in this category was 6 pennies (so 100 articles would be around $6), which is the OpenAI cost using GPT 3.5 Turbo + Stable Diffusion image generation cost which is roughly $0.003 per image with a featured image and image for every other H2. Additional cost is the ZimmWriter subscription (or Lifetime Deal) along with a $5/mo ScrapeOwl API account to scrape the SERP and YouTube videos.

The settings used for the articles were automatic H2 quantity determination (with a hard limit of 10), second person voice, literary devices, lists, long faq, key takeaways, nuke ai words, bold words, a standard introduction, and serp scraping.

How to Wash a Seagull

washing a seagull tutorial
Uncover the secrets of safely washing a seagull, unraveling a captivating journey of care and compassion for these majestic birds.