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5 Best Vacuum Cleaners to Keep Your Home Spotless and Fresh

When maintaining your home spotless and fresh, consider these top vacuum cleaners: BISSELL CleanView for pet hair, Shark Navigator for strong suction, Miele Classic C1 for versatile cleaning, Dyson V8 for power and portability, Eureka PowerSpeed for lightweight use. Choose based on edge-to-edge cleaning, maneuverability, suction power, specialized tools, durability, and warranty coverage. These vacuums offer different features to meet your cleaning needs effectively. Enhance your cleaning routine with these top picks and guarantee a cleaner living space.

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for vacuums with edge-to-edge cleaning for thorough pet hair removal and a tidy living space.
  • Choose models with swivel steering and lightweight designs for easy maneuverability and storage.
  • Consider vacuums with strong suction power for effective cleaning on all surfaces.
  • Select vacuums with specialized tools for efficient cleaning tasks across different surfaces.
  • Prioritize durable vacuums with easy maintenance, user-friendly accessories, and comprehensive warranty coverage.

BISSELL CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum

SAVE 10%
BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum with Swivel Steering, Powerful Pet Hair Pick...
  • EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • SWIVEL STEERING FOR MAXIMUM MANEUVERABILITY. Makes cleaning around furniture and other obstacles easy. Filter replacement every 6 months
  • TRIPLE ACTION BRUSH ROLL. Loosens, lifts and removes embedded pet hair.

If you have pets at home and struggle with pet hair removal, the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum is the ideal choice for keeping your home spotless. Its specialized pet tools and triple action brush roll are designed to lift, loosen, and remove embedded pet hair with ease.

The multi-surface cleaning capabilities, combined with scatter-free technology and edge-to-edge cleaning, guarantee that no pet hair is left behind. With the swivel steering feature, maneuvering around furniture and tight spaces is effortless.

Moreover, the easy-empty dirt tank and filter replacement every 6 months make maintenance a breeze. Experience the satisfaction of a clean home with the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum, specifically crafted for pet owners like yourself.

Best For: Pet owners looking for an effective vacuum specifically designed for removing embedded pet hair and keeping their homes clean.


  • Specialized pet tools and triple action brush roll for efficient pet hair removal.
  • Multi-surface cleaning with scatter-free technology for thorough cleaning.
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces.


  • Filter replacement required every 6 months.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV356E)

Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Swivel Steering, HEPA Filter, XL...
  • LIFT-AWAY FUNCTIONALITY: lift away the detachable pod and easily clean above-floor areas like stairs, furniture, and more.
  • ANTI-ALLERGEN COMPLETE SEAL: Works with a HEPA filter to trap 99.9%* of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner. (*Based on ASTM F1977 of particles .3 microns or larger.)
  • BRUSHROLL SHUTOFF: Instantly switch from more maneuverability on deep carpets to gentle bare floor cleaning.

For those seeking a powerful and versatile cleaning companion, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV356E) stands out as an excellent choice with its innovative Lift-Away functionality and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal with HEPA Filter.

This Shark vacuum offers a brushroll shutoff for seamless switches between carpet and bare floor cleaning, making it perfect for pet owners. Users praise its strong suction power on various surfaces and the ease of use with color-coded lift-away mechanisms.

Although it has a bulky body, the swivel steering enhances maneuverability around furniture. With secure locking mechanisms for the dustbin and no reported issues with hair entanglement, the Shark NV356E is a recommended option for those looking for efficient cleaning with allergy concerns.

Best For: Pet owners and individuals with allergies seeking a powerful and versatile upright vacuum for efficient cleaning.


  • Strong suction power for both carpet and bare floor cleaning.
  • Innovative Lift-Away functionality for easy maneuverability.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal with HEPA Filter for improved air quality.


  • Bulky body design may impact storage and maneuverability.

Miele Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner, Graphite Grey

Miele Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner, Graphite Grey
  • GERMAN ENGINEERED: Bagged canister vacuum cleaner ideal for homes with hard floors and low pile carpeting
  • STRONG SUCTION POWER: Switch between 6 suction power settings specific to the surface being cleaned
  • MAXIMUM MANEUVERABILITY: Vacuum easily around and underneath furniture, or use the clipped on accessories to clean upholstery or hard to reach places

Achieve maximum maneuverability and superior cleaning performance with the Miele Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner in Graphite Grey, ideal for homes with hard floors and low pile carpeting.

This bagged canister vacuum cleaner allows you to switch between 6 suction power settings, ensuring efficient cleaning on various surfaces. The Miele Classic C1 features a convenient Airclean system with 3-tiered filtration, maintaining air quality as you clean.

Included accessories like the SBD 365-3 Combination Floorhead, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, and Upholstery Tool enhance versatility. While some users found it less effective on cotton area rugs, positive reviews highlight its performance on hardwood floors and low pile carpets.

With durable construction and the option to use Miele brand bags for top-notch performance, this vacuum offers reliable cleaning for years to come.

Best For: Homes with hard floors and low pile carpeting seeking a versatile and maneuverable vacuum cleaner.


  • Six suction power settings for efficient cleaning on various surfaces
  • Airclean system with 3-tiered filtration for maintaining air quality
  • Included accessories enhance versatility for different cleaning needs


  • Less effective on cotton area rugs according to some users

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

SAVE 26%
Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Powerful Dyson suction and lightweight for quick cleaning. Without the cord..Charge time : 5 hrs
  • Engineered for homes with pets.
  • De-tangling Motorbar cleaner head deep cleans carpets and hard floors with hair removal vanes to clear long hair and pet hair from the brush bar.

The Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, with its powerful suction and lightweight design, is ideal for pet owners seeking efficient cleaning solutions for a spotless home. Engineered specifically for homes with pets, this cordless vacuum features a de-tangling Motorbar cleaner head that effectively cleans carpets and hard floors.

With up to 40 minutes of run time and the ability to convert to a handheld device, it offers versatile cleaning options. The vacuum comes equipped with 4 Dyson-engineered accessories and advanced whole-machine filtration, ensuring effective capture of pet dander and fine dust.

Customers praise its performance on various surfaces, highlighting its strong suction power and convenience. With a 1-year warranty and lifetime Dyson support, you can rely on assistance for your cleaning needs.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a powerful and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner specifically designed for homes with pets.


  • Powerful suction for effective cleaning
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
  • Versatile cleaning options with handheld conversion


  • Limited run time of 40 minutes

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Turbo, Black

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Turbo, Black
  • Lightweight & Portable This 10 lbs Eureka PowerSpeed upright vacuum cleaner is easy to use and delivers a powerful deep clean.960.0 watts
  • Powerful Multi-surface Vacuum With 5 height adjustment settings this versatile vacuum can easily adapt between hard floor and deep carpet
  • Extra-large Dust Cup With an easy empty 2.6L dust cup this bagless vacuum requires less frequent emptying for uninterrupted cleaning

Ideal for pet owners seeking a lightweight and powerful cleaning solution, the Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Turbo, Black, offers efficient dirt and pet hair removal with its versatile features. Weighing only 10 lbs, this vacuum is easy to carry around and maneuver.

With a powerful multi-surface suction capability and 5 height adjustment settings, it effectively cleans various floor types. The extra-large 2.6L dust cup reduces the need for frequent emptying. Specifically designed for pet owners, it includes a pet turbo tool and upholstery tool for tackling pet hair and dander.

Enjoy zero maintenance costs with washable filters and a bagless design, making cleaning hassle-free and budget-friendly.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a lightweight and powerful vacuum cleaner that efficiently removes dirt and pet hair.


  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
  • Powerful suction for effective cleaning on various surfaces
  • Washable filters and bagless design for low maintenance


  • Short power cord may limit reach

Factors to Consider When Choosing Vacuum Cleaners

vacuum cleaner selection tips

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, you should consider features like:

  • Suction power
  • Specialized cleaning tools
  • Pet-friendly options

Make sure the vacuum is easy to maneuver and has a design that suits your cleaning needs.

Features to Consider

Considering the type of flooring in your home is vital when selecting a vacuum cleaner, ensuring it suits your specific surfaces and cleaning needs. Look for adjustable suction power settings to handle various surfaces effectively. Check for specialized attachments like crevice tools and upholstery brushes for specific cleaning requirements.

Evaluate the vacuum's size and weight for easy maneuverability and storage, especially in compact spaces. Also, consider the filtration system, such as HEPA filters, for efficient dust and allergen removal, important for allergy sufferers or pet owners.

Pet-Friendly Options

For peak performance in removing pet hair and allergens, prioritize models with specialized pet tools and powerful suction capabilities for your vacuum cleaner. Look for vacuums with attachments designed to lift and loosen embedded pet hair effectively. Consider models with strong suction power and multi-surface cleaning abilities to guarantee thorough pet hair removal.

Opt for vacuums equipped with HEPA filters to trap allergens and pet dander, promoting cleaner air in your home. Choose units with easy-to-empty dirt tanks for hassle-free disposal of pet hair and debris. Check for vacuums featuring edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities to leave no pet hair or dirt behind, keeping your home spotless and fresh.

Maneuverability and Design

For seamless cleaning around your home, prioritize vacuum cleaners with swivel steering for enhanced maneuverability. These models allow you to easily move around furniture and tight spaces.

Opt for lightweight designs that are easier to carry and maneuver, especially during extended cleaning sessions. Look for vacuums with ergonomically designed handles to make sure comfortable use and reduce strain while vacuuming.

Moreover, consider compact and slim vacuum profiles for effortless storage in small spaces or closets. To tackle different floor types effectively, choose a vacuum with adjustable height settings to optimize cleaning performance on various surfaces and carpet thicknesses.

Prioritizing these features will make your cleaning routine more efficient and enjoyable.

Suction Power Comparison

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, determining its suction power is essential for effective cleaning performance across different surfaces. Suction power, measured in air watts, indicates the overall cleaning capability. Higher air watts generally translate to stronger suction for better dirt and debris removal. This factor greatly influences a vacuum's ability to clean carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery thoroughly.

The suction power of a vacuum is impacted by elements such as motor strength, airflow design, and the filtration system. By understanding a vacuum's suction power, you can choose a model that aligns with your cleaning requirements and the types of surfaces you need to clean.

Specialized Cleaning Tools

Consider the range of specialized cleaning tools available when selecting a vacuum cleaner to guarantee excellent cleaning performance tailored to your specific needs.

Specialized tools such as pet hair attachments, crevice tools, upholstery brushes, and turbo brushes are designed to target specific cleaning requirements like pet hair removal, reaching tight spaces, and maintaining upholstery.

Having a variety of these tools can enhance your cleaning experience by making it easier to tackle different surfaces and areas efficiently.

By choosing a vacuum cleaner with the right specialized tools, you can improve cleaning effectiveness, ensuring thorough results and making cleaning tasks more manageable.

Selecting a vacuum with these tools will allow you to customize your cleaning approach and address specific cleaning challenges effectively.

Durability and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and peak performance of your vacuum cleaner, prioritize durability and maintenance considerations. Check for factors like the quality of materials, construction, and the brand's reputation for longevity when making your selection.

Regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning filters, emptying dust cups, and checking for clogs can greatly extend the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner. Opt for a model with replaceable parts and easily accessible components to simplify maintenance and reduce costs.

Understanding the warranty coverage and support options offered can give you insight into the manufacturer's commitment to durability and customer satisfaction. Following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules and practices is essential for ensuring the long-term durability and top performance of your vacuum cleaner.

Warranty Coverage Details

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, be mindful of the warranty coverage details, as they can greatly impact your ownership experience and potential repair costs. Warranty coverage typically varies from 1 to 5 years, depending on the manufacturer, with options for limited or extensive coverage for parts and labor.

Some brands offer extended warranty plans for purchase, prolonging coverage beyond the standard period. It's important to review the warranty terms to understand conditions for maintenance, repairs, and part replacements.

Familiarizing yourself with these details is essential for knowing what issues are included in the warranty and how to seek assistance when needed.

User-Friendly Accessories

Enhancing your cleaning experience, user-friendly accessories play a significant role in optimizing the performance of your vacuum cleaner. These accessories offer specialized tools like crevice tools, upholstery brushes, and pet hair attachments, making your cleaning tasks more efficient and effective.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, prioritize ones that provide easy-to-attach accessories for versatile cleaning across different surfaces. Opt for accessories designed for specific purposes, such as reaching tight spaces, removing pet hair, or deep cleaning upholstery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Vacuum Cleaners Be Used on Hardwood Floors?

Yes, these vacuum cleaners can be used on hardwood floors. They are designed with special features like adjustable suction settings and soft bristles to prevent scratches. You'll appreciate the convenience and efficiency they offer.

How Long Is the Warranty on These Vacuum Cleaners?

Warranties on these vacuum cleaners vary. You should check the specific model you're interested in for warranty details. Make sure to register your product to activate any potential warranty benefits.

Are Replacement Parts Readily Available for These Models?

Replacement parts for these models are readily available at authorized retailers and online stores. You can easily find filters, brushes, and other components to maintain your vacuum cleaner without any hassle or delays.

Do These Vacuums Come With Attachments for Upholstery?

Yes, these vacuums come with attachments for upholstery, making it easy to clean furniture and curtains. You'll appreciate the versatility and convenience these attachments provide for keeping your home spotless and fresh.

Can These Vacuums Handle Pet Hair and Dander Effectively?

If you're dealing with pet hair and dander, these vacuums have got you covered. They tackle those pesky furballs and allergens effectively, leaving your home fresh and spotless. Say goodbye to pet-related messes!

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