Programmatic SEO – Things To Do (GPT-4o & SERP & Mimic)

The average cost for each article in this category was 12 pennies (so 100 articles would be around $12), which is the Anthropic cost using GPT-4o + Stable Diffusion Core image generation cost which is roughly $0.03 per image with a featured image. Additional cost is the ZimmWriter subscription (or Lifetime Deal) along with a $5/mo ScrapeOwl API account to scrape Amazon products.

The settings used for the articles were literaery devices, second person, nuke AI words, bold to help readability, key takeaways, explorer personality, standard intro, FAQ with long answer, SERP scraping, style mimic (below), and custom outline (below).

Style Mimic:
Write in a style that is engaging and informative, with accessible vocabulary suited for middle school readers. Use mostly medium-length sentences, sprinkled with shorter ones for clarity, and employ commas effectively. Maintain a moderate emotional tone to keep interest without overwhelming, and vary sentence structure for a dynamic flow. Offer detailed explanations to thoroughly inform readers, while keeping humor minimal to focus on clarity. Emphasize concrete details to create vivid descriptions, ensuring the writing is clear and useful.

Custom Outline:
Best Time to Visit {var1}{yt}
What to Know Before Visiting {var1}
Best Things to Do in {var1}{auto_h3_5}
How {var1} Compares to Other Cities{voice_1pp}
What Makes {var1} an Interesting Place to Live?

Examples of Input Titles Into the Bulk Writer:
The Best Things to Do in Canton, OH{VAR1=Canton, OH}
The Best Things to Do in Honolulu, HI{VAR1=Honolulu, HI}
The Best Things to Do in San Gabriel, CA{VAR1=San Gabriel, CA}
The Best Things to Do in Bronx, NY{VAR1=Bronx, NY}
The Best Things to Do in Nashville, TN{VAR1=Nashville, TN}
The Best Things to Do in Virginia Beach, VA{VAR1=Virginia Beach, VA}