GPT 3.5 (SERP and Custom Prompt)

The average cost for each article in this category was 7 pennies (so 100 articles would be around $7), which is the OpenAI cost using GPT 3.5 Turbo + Stable Diffusion image generation cost which is roughly $0.003 per image with a featured image and image for every other H2. Additional cost is the ZimmWriter subscription (or Lifetime Deal) along with a $5/mo ScrapeOwl API account to scrape the SERP and YouTube videos.

The settings used for the articles were automatic H2 quantity determination (with a hard limit of 10), second person voice, literary devices, lists, long faq, key takeaways, nuke ai words, bold words, search intent introduction, and custom prompt (to everything except the intro and key takeaways), serp scraping.

What was the custom prompt? That’s the interesting part. I used a mimic (with a slight tweak) as the custom prompt. So just to clarify, I did not apply the mimic but simply copied the mimic prompt and used it as a custom prompt. The reason is that it allows us to use the less expensive 3.5 Turbo model to generate the article, and then apply the tweaked mimic prompt as a second pass to the section which boosts quality. Ask in the Facebook group if you’re confused.

Here was the custom prompt and I applied it everywhere except the intro and key takeaways. I applied the custom prompt with GPT 4 Turbo (even though the article was written with GPT 3.5 Turbo).

“Rewrite the text in a style that is direct, informative, and practical, focusing on clarity over poetic language. The vocabulary is accessible, tailored for readers with at least a middle school education. Sentences are of short length, with occasional variation for engagement. Emotion is kept at a moderate level, leaning towards rationality rather than sentimentality. Varied sentence structures maintain reader interest, with a balanced mix of simple and compound sentences. Explanations offer a moderate level of detail, supporting main points without overwhelming readers. Humor is used sparingly to lighten the tone, but not a primary feature of the writing style.”