LLAMA (SERP and Mimic)

The average cost for each article in this category was 3 pennies (so 100 articles would be around $3), which is the Groq cost using LLAMA3-70B + Stable Diffusion Core featured image generation cost which is roughly $0.03 per image and an every-other standard Stable Diffusion image for the H2s coming in at $0.003 per image. Additional cost is the ZimmWriter subscription (or Lifetime Deal) along with a $5/mo ScrapeOwl API account to scrape the SERP and YouTube videos.

The settings used for the articles were automatic H2 quantity determination (with a hard limit of 10), second person voice, literary devices, lists, long faq, key takeaways, nuke ai words, bold words, search intent introduction, mimic, and serp scraping.

The mimic was as follows: “Write in a style that is conversational and engaging, using accessible vocabulary and a mix of short and medium-length sentences with occasional comma usage for clarity. The tone maintains a level of emotion around 6, with light-hearted moments and reflections that resonate with the reader. The writing incorporates varied sentence structures and a moderate amount of detail to provide context without overwhelming the reader. Humor is subtly woven throughout, adding a touch of wit and amusement to the narrative.”