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Day Trips for Families in Northern NJ

If you're looking for family-friendly day trip options in Northern NJ, did you know that over 70% of families in the area choose to explore nearby attractions for a fun day out? The wide range of activities available guarantees there's something for every member of the family to enjoy. From interactive museums to outdoor adventures, the possibilities are endless. So, why not pack a picnic and hit the road for an unforgettable day trip with your loved ones?

Key Takeaways

  • American Dream Mall: Ice skating and entertainment hub.
  • Bergen County Zoo: Animal exhibits and carousel rides.
  • Van Saun County Park: Outdoor activities on 130 acres.
  • Legoland Discovery Center: Fun learning experiences for kids.
  • NJ SEA LIFE Aquarium: Explore over 3,000 sea creatures.

Bergen County Day Trips

If you're planning a day trip in Northern NJ with your family, consider Bergen County. It's a great spot for a day out, especially if you have kids. Start at the American Dream Mall where there's an ice skating rink that meets NHL standards. For some fun learning, visit the Legoland Discovery Center and Tilt Museum — both are big hits with kids. Don't miss the NJ SEA LIFE Aquarium either; it's home to over 3,000 sea creatures.

For some time outdoors, head to Van Saun County Park in Paramus. It covers 130 acres and has plenty of activities. You can play sports on the fields, kids can enjoy the playgrounds, and there are splash pads to cool off in. End your day with a visit to the Bergen County Zoo. It offers animal exhibits and carousel rides, sure to make your kids smile.

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Camden County Adventures

Looking for a family trip in Northern NJ? Check out Camden County for two exciting places: Adventure Aquarium and Diggerland. At Adventure Aquarium, you'll find over 15,000 sea animals including sharks. Don't miss the Shark Area where you can walk over a bridge or through a tunnel right above these incredible sharks.

Next, visit Diggerland in West Berlin. It's a construction-themed amusement park with over 40 rides and attractions. You can operate real construction equipment or zip line across the park. Diggerland offers a fun day for the whole family.

In Camden County, you get to explore ocean life at Adventure Aquarium and enjoy construction-themed fun at Diggerland. These spots are perfect for anyone who loves animals or is looking for an adventure. Get ready for a memorable day out!

Cape May County Getaways

exploring cape may s charm

Visit Cape May County for family fun with plenty of animals, nature, and boat trips. The Cape May County Park & Zoo covers 200 acres and is home to over 550 animals, making it a great spot to see different animals up close.

If you like exploring nature, check out The Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor. It has walkways high above the ground that go through nature areas and salt marsh trails, so you can enjoy the natural scenery.

For something different, try The Skimmer in Cape May. They offer boat rides on a pontoon boat where you might see over 400 types of birds in their natural setting.

Cape May County is a good choice for families who want to mix adventure with some quiet time, with its wildlife, nature trails, and boat tours.

Essex County Excursions

Looking for a fun day out with the family in Northern NJ? Head over to Essex County, where you'll find places like Turtle Back Zoo and FunTime Junction. These spots are great for families looking to have a good time together. Here's what you should check out:

  1. Turtle Back Zoo: This zoo is in West Orange and covers 15.5 acres. It has many animals to see. Make sure to visit the 4,000-square-foot reptile center to see some cool reptiles.
  2. FunTime Junction: Located in Fairfield, this place is all about fun for kids. It has a laser tag arena and games that project on the floor, keeping kids busy and happy.
  3. Newly Renovated Africa Exhibit: At Turtle Back Zoo, there's an Africa exhibit that's been recently updated. It's like taking a trip to the African savanna without leaving New Jersey.
  4. Day of Fun and Exploration: Spend a day at Turtle Back Zoo and FunTime Junction in Essex County. It's a chance to see wildlife and play games, making it a day to remember.

Monmouth County Escapes

summer beach day trips

In Monmouth County, located in Northern New Jersey, families can enjoy a variety of fun activities. One option is a day cruise on The River Queen in Brielle. This boat has two decks and offers a peaceful journey along the local waters. It's a good choice for spending quality time with family while enjoying the view.

For those who prefer more action, ClimbZone in Howell is worth a visit. It has over 68 different climbing walls, each with its own theme. It's designed for climbers of all levels, so everyone from beginners to experts can have a good time.

Additionally, Monmouth County is home to the iPlay America indoor entertainment center. This place has games and attractions similar to what you'd find on a boardwalk. It offers a mix of activities, so whether you're into calm cruises, exciting climbs, or playing games, there's something for everyone.

Keep in mind, all these activities make Monmouth County a great spot for a family day out. Whether you're looking to relax, get active, or play games, you'll find what you're looking for.

Middlesex County Outings

Explore Middlesex County for fun family day trips. Check out these options:

  1. SeaQuest Woodbridge: This place lets you snorkel with stingrays and meet sloths up close. It's an aquarium where you can touch and learn about sea life, fun for all ages.
  2. Altitude Trampoline: Jump into fun at Altitude Trampoline in Woodbridge. It has 35,000 square feet of space with activities like dodgeball and basketball on trampolines. Great for keeping the family active.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Middlesex County has lots of outdoor fun like parks, extreme sports, and horseback riding. It's a good way to enjoy nature and spend time together.
  4. Attractions Galore: With places like SeaQuest Woodbridge and Altitude Trampoline, Middlesex County is full of indoor and outdoor fun. It's a solid choice for adventure and laughs on family trips.

This guide is straight to the point, telling you about fun places in Middlesex County without making things too complicated or overly emotional. It's got a bit of humor and plenty of details to help plan your visit.

Ocean County Family Fun

exploring the jersey shore

Ocean County is a great place for families to find fun activities suitable for kids and adults alike. You can explore a wide variety of things to do that appeal to different interests. For those fascinated by the ocean and its creatures, there are places to learn about marine life and see animals up close.

One specific spot to visit is Insectropolis in Toms River. This place is all about bugs, offering chances to see and learn about insects, including tarantulas and cockroaches. It's interactive, so be ready for some hands-on fun.

If you're looking for adventure, try Jersey Shore Pirates in Brick. They've treasure hunts on the Sea Gypsy II, where you can play pirate for a day. It's a unique experience that combines fun and learning.

Besides these, Ocean County has many other activities, like arcades and eco-tours. The variety ensures that every family member can find something they enjoy. Remember, it's all about making good memories together while exploring what Ocean County has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Spend a Day in Nj?

To spend a day in NJ, you have many options. Visit a zoo to see animals.

Explore a farm for a hands-on adventure.

Check out a LEGO center for fun builds.

Or, enjoy a day at a farm and explore a small town.

Pick what you like and have a great day in NJ!

What Is There to Do in New Jersey Indoor Winter?

In New Jersey during the winter, you can find many indoor activities to keep you entertained.

You can go ice skating at the American Dream Mall, which is a fun option for all ages.

If you're interested in discovering something new, the Legoland Discovery Center and the NJ SEA LIFE Aquarium are great places to explore sea creatures and Lego models.

The Tilt Museum offers unique exhibits that might surprise you.

For those who enjoy action, FunTime Junction has laser tag and more.

These activities provide a range of options for family fun indoors during the cold months.

How Do I Spend a Day in Delaware?

To enjoy a day in Delaware, start at First State Heritage Park to learn some history.

Next, head to Cape Henlopen State Park or Brandywine Creek State Park for fun outdoor activities.

If you're with family, the Delaware Children's Museum and the Brandywine Zoo are great stops.

For shopping and eating, try Christiana Mall and Riverfront Wilmington.

Don't miss cultural spots like the Delaware Art Museum and the Grand Opera House.

This plan mixes learning, fun, and relaxation in a practical, straightforward way.

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